Estd. in 2005, the Prints Hub is a complete in-house printing service company, a complete resource encompassing all aspects of print solutions from pre-press through fulfillment. We provide our clients with state-of- the-art conventional and new techniques of printing. The Prints Hub is a company that welcomes the opportunity to pursue new and progressive solutions for our clients. We provide the expert guidance & tools you need along the way to get your project to where it needs to be. Whether it involves standard sizes or customization, we would give you the support to get the job done. The Prints Hub can help you in streamlining and assured savings in printing, office supplies.

In a difficult management environment marked by intensifying competition, the measures that we have implemented are steadily bearing fruit, and we intend to redouble our efforts in the future to further increase corporate value.

Our Policies

  • Reducing the overall costs by complementing our competitive products and services with a system to reduce the customer’s costs related to the procurement process itself.
  • Commitment to quality and service has always been a pillar of The Prints Hub’s core values, a commitment held by all employees
  • ┬áNever delivering a job that we would not accept ourselves.

Our Mission

  • A willingness to be creative and try new things
  • Over the medium to long term, The Prints Hub will focus on three key issues - reforming its operational structure, improving its profitability, and bolstering its integrated strength.

Our Vision

  • We aim to earn an even greater level of trust from society and consumers.
  • Maintaining our facility in an attractive and orderly manner in harmony with the community.

Corporate Ethics

  • Quality: Immersed in the printing industry where competition is cut-throat, our accent is in quality first and foremost as a definer of where we stand and who we are. Quality gains acceptance, trust and repeat orders.
  • Excellence: Everyone can do a good job. We aim at excellence as a way to our flight towards higher echelons of perfection. Excellence as a corporate philosophy is also a driver of quality.
  • Fair and transparent dealings: We never take advantage of any client and are uniformly honest and transparent in our dealings.
  • Trust: A precious commodity like glass, it can be gained and retained through careful nurturing and we do everything to ensure the fabric of trust, so carefully woven, never tears.
  • Service: A service industry, our strength lies in our services. We deliver services with a smile, respond promptly, address all issues to a client’s satisfaction never looking at profits and keep our commitment to the full.
  • Promptness: Delay is denial, anathema to us. We believe in promptness, whether it is responding to a query, creating a design or delivering on or before schedule.